Elumicoatings LLC



Glow in the Dark Paramagnetic Paint Coating & Custom Surface Design

Our process will make any design stand out above the rest!

Your design will stand out even when the sun goes down. Not pack up and go home like other designs.

  Paramagnetic paint is electroluminescent Paint with different layers (colors) combined. Our coatings are simply able to change color when it is receiving electricity, this reaction of the layers is called "electrolumnescence."

  Elumicoatings can be used in conjunction with water and solvent based coatings.


  ELumicoatings is a family owned and operated company. When we say  "WHERE IMAGINATION MEETS DESIGN", we mean it! Owner has been in the design industry for years and believes anything is possible!

    We want to create designs  that will be completely unique to our customer and will never be exactly duplicated making the design a one of a kind. How often do you see motorcycle designs that seem to be "cookie cutter" design patterns?  When you customize your ride you want it to be one of a kind, that turns heads and draws attention no matter where you are and gets your ride noticed as one of a kind and unique.  When you spend your hard earned money do you really want something that expresses your vision of yourself or a design that 1000+ other people have?

  We encourage customers to think "outside the box" and push the "envelope" as far as their imagination will take them!

 If YOU ARE A GRAPHIC DESIGNER/AIRBRUSH/AUTO PAINTER THE ELumicoating Paramagnetic Paint System will be something that WILL SET YOU APART  from your competition and increase sales.

 If you have any questions we encourage you to shoot us an email provided on our contact page or give us a call and we will be happy in assisting you in utilizing The ELumicoating System for your Business!


Custom Gibson Guitar with Glowing Blue accents. Created For the "US Stones" Cover band Guitarist.

 These Pictures are of designs we have created in the past for customers looking for something individualized for our clients.

 We at ELumicoatings just wanted to show you that we are ALWAYS looking for the out of the ordinary and the extraordinary!

 With our Paramagnetic Paint system glowing effects can be applied to virtually any surface!